At Alpha Munitions we understand the painstaking attention to detail that precision rifle shooters put into all aspects of their craft.  We share your passion and apply that same uncompromising standard into the manufacturing of every piece of Alpha Grade Brass.
Our philosophy is simple, exacting standards without compromise.
Alpha is proud to offer the new standard in world class brass.  We are also very proud to say that it is made right here in the United States of America.

Keep Track of Your Loads

Keep track of your reloading data with our free, customizable reload data sheet.  No more messy, frustrating stickers.  This simple form is sized to fit perfectly in our Alpha ammunition case which you will receive with every 100 count brass purchase.
The load data in the image is an example only and is not appropriate for all rifles.  Safe loading practices should always be followed.

Accuracy Starts With Alpha

Small batch brass made for shooters by shooters.

Each individual piece of Alpha Grade brass goes through a proprietary precision-calibrated manufacturing process that ensures consistency in every case coming off the production line.

PRIMER POCKET AND FLASH HOLE: Our manufacturing process results in clean, uniform primer pockets and centered flash holes.

CASE WEIGHT: Our proprietary tooling process ensures precise dimensions and weights, resulting in consistent inner case volume.

EXTRACTOR GROOVE DIAMETER: We use purpose-built precision high-speed lathes to cut our extractor grooves, resulting in consistent dimensions in every piece of Alpha Grade brass.

CASE HEAD DIAMETER AND CASE HEAD THICKNESS: Our manufacturing process ensures a strong and uniform case head.

CASE SHOULDER LENGTH: Our consistent shoulder lengths provide a reliable relationship between case and chamber.

CASE LENGTH: We use a highly accurate process to ensure each case is trimmed to a consistent length.

NECK WALL THICKNESS & NECK CONCENTRICITY: Our proprietary tapering process creates a uniform neck wall thickness and concentricity resulting in consistent neck/bullet tension.

NECK HARDNESS: We use an accurate annealing process that enables us to adjust temperatures in increments of 1℉. This level of precision gives Alpha Grade brass consistent neck hardness.


Match Grade is considered the best brass available. However, it still requires significant prep time to ensure the consistency demanded by precision shooters. At Alpha Munitions, we recognize that Match Grade brass is far from perfect. While superior to standard brass, it is still subject to a decades-old manufacturing process. Current Match Grade brass is drawn and formed from an archaic process using different tools and dies, each possessing unique inconsistencies. Only after a final sorting process grouping similar brass pieces (commonly based on weight alone), are remaining pieces of brass deemed Match Grade.

At Alpha Munitions, we saw an opportunity to revolutionize the manufacturing process and engineer a new, higher grade of precision rifle brass. We manufacture “Alpha Grade” brass; designed to minimize inconsistencies through the use of our proprietary manufacturing process that results in improved quality and accuracy.

Precision shooting is a complex skill requiring synergy between the shooter, rifle, and round. Alpha Munitions is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality precision rifle brass on the market. Alpha Grade brass is created with tighter tolerances in every quantifiable metric compared to current Match Grade products.

Data speaks louder than words. We invite you to investigate further for yourself. Explore the brass casing illustration below, and accompanying data, to learn more of the verifiable benefits of Alpha Grade brass.  We are proud to offer the precision shooting community a new grade of brass. American Made. Alpha Grade.