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Proper neck tension is key to ensure consistent release of the bullet from the case. Varying neck tension will produce inconsistent bullet velocities which greatly affects a bullets trajectory. We developed proprietary tooling to ensure extremely consistent neck tension.
Our production line and tooling are designed to produce extremely consistent internal volumes. Consistent internal volumes results in extremely consistent velocities.
Our flash holes will always be precisely centered and free of burrs. Flash holes free of burrs have shown lower ES/SD’s in testing. Extensive testing was also conducted on flash hole size. We consistently saw better performance from the .08” flash holes vs the .062”. The .08” flash hole was used to break 8 Inernational Benchrest Shooters (IBS) world records in 2021.

Alpha Munitions
Ultra Premium Rifle Brass with OCD (Optimized Case Design) Technology.

  • OCD Technology in the first major advancement in brass manufacturing in decades.
  • OCD brass is the strongest most durable rifle brass ever produced giving shooters the widest performance envelope.
  • In testing, OCD brass plastically deforms less than competitors at identical loads resulting in better consistency, brass life and performance in all environmental conditions.


Alpha Munitions brass is produced in a state of the art facility using the highest level of technology available today.


Alpha Grade means we exercise exacting control over every element of the manufacturing process including an industry leading inspection system that touches every case. We don’t manufacture different grades of brass. If it’s not Alpha Grade-it doesn’t go out the door.


Alpha takes pride in our world-class customer service, and support of the precision shooting community through sponsorships across PRS, NRL and F-Class.

Data Driven Performance


Through engineering, technology, innovation and rigorous testing Alpha Munitions meticulously crafts ultra-premium rifle brass for precision shooters who weigh to the kernel and measure to the thousandths.

A Word From The Alpha Team

We founded Alpha Munitions in 2014 with two simple goals: to develop and manufacture the highest quality, most consistent brass on the planet backed by unparalleled customer service.

American Made Alpha Grade

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