Proper neck tension is key to ensure consistent release of the bullet from the case. Varying neck tension will produce inconsistent bullet velocities, which greatly affects a bullets trajectory. We spent a great deal of time designing, testing and modifying tooling to produce extremely consistent neck walls. To ensure the most consistent neck tension possible we recommend running the brass through a sizing mandrel prior to seating the bullet. Also, annealing correctly throughout the life of the brass has shown to maintain consistency.
Consistent internal case volume is crucial to realize the potential of your rifle. The importance of gas pressure dependence on volume is shown in its simplest form by the Ideal Gas Law, PV=nRT. Volume is inversely related to pressure; therefore, if everything remains constant and volume increases then pressure will decrease and vice versa. Variance in pressure greatly affects a bullets initial velocity. We developed equipment and precision tooling to produce extremely consistent internal capacities, not only within the same production lot but between differing lots. EQ 1. (P=Pressure, ATM; V=Volume, L; n=Avogadro’s Constant; R=Ideal gas constant; T=Temperature, Kelvin)
Primer pocket diameter and centered flash holes are essential for consistent ignition, and consequentially consistent bullet trajectory. If the flash hole is off-center the powder column will not ignite evenly as the hot gases will enter the powder column offset from center. A clean flash hole is necessary for similar reasons. Burrs produced from improper manufacturing processes act as a nozzle for the hot gases directing the gas to which ever direction the burr is positioned. All Alpha flash holes are free of burrs and centered in the case.

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High performance precision shooting is an art and a science-the sum of multiple components all coming together in a split second to hit a constantly changing target.  When it comes to brass, Alpha Munitions is committed to producing the highest quality most consistent rifle brass available.  Alpha Grade means unparalleled consistency and performance you can trust. There is a lot to think about when you set your Mil or MOA hold-your brass shouldn’t be one of them.


Alpha Munitions brass is produced in a state of the art facility using the highest level of technology available today.


Alpha Grade means we exercise exacting control over every element of the manufacturing process including an industry leading inspection system that touches every case. We don’t manufacture different grades of brass. If it’s not Alpha Grade-it doesn’t go out
the door.


Alpha takes pride in our world-class customer service, and support of the precision shooting community through sponsorships across PRS, NRL and F-Class.

Data Driven Performance


Through engineering, technology, innovation and rigorous testing Alpha Munitions meticulously crafts ultra-premium rifle brass for precision shooters who weigh to the kernel and measure to the thousandths.

One of the great benefits of being a member of the Fantastic Alpha Munitions team is having the time, resources and support to implement our own evaluation process to any number of given subject matter.

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Every decision and every move is made to create the best brass the world has ever seen.

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A Word From The Alpha Team

We founded Alpha Munitions in 2014 with two simple goals: to develop and manufacture the highest quality, most consistent brass on the planet backed by unparalleled customer service.

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