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.22 GT

By July 28, 2021August 2nd, 2021Alpha in the News


  • ANDREW B says:

    got my reamer, barrel, trigger and stock. Waiting on action delivery from BAT any day now and will have a 22 GT to go with my 6 GT. I am building a 22 GT on a 12 twist to shoot 53 gr Vmax for prairie dogs. Getting .4 inch groups ay 300 yards from the 6mm GT and hoping for similar results from the GT. Have thought for a while that we needed a case between the BR and the Creedmoor or 6.5×47 Lapua. The GT seems to be doing quite well.

  • John Denton says:

    Hi all,
    Have just read the article on the 22GT,
    As I’m based in Australia, is the the magazine “Precsion Rifle shooter “available to buy online and possible back issues

    Kind regards
    John Denton

  • Ellis Thomas Tacke II says:

    Excellent article and build. I have a question for Mr. Kauber. Why did you choose the SFP version of the Nightforce 2.5×20, when this is a rifle that will be used at extended ranges? I respect your service and experience sir, and as I am trying to raise my game, any information would be greatly appreciated. I use Alpha brass, I am a ranch manager in Arizona, and I shoot long quite a bit. Thank you.

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