The Alpha Team

At Alpha Munitions, our passion led us to create a better grade of precision rifle brass.

Alpha Munitions consists of a small team of patriotic and passionate shooters.  Our relationships have been forged behind the gun.  Jim Kauber instructs some of the most dedicated long distance shooters in the world, while Herb Regan built and operates one of the finest indoor tactical shooting ranges in the country.  Our backgrounds are diverse, from specialty warfare to specialty chemistry; from biotech to medical devices, and from architecture to engineering.  We come from professions that are highly specialized, highly regulated, and where quality is never compromised.

We don’t make ordinary Match Grade brass, we make Alpha Grade brass.

Our mission at Alpha is to verifiably manufacture the highest quality of precision rifle brass on the planet.  Rifle brass we are proud to call “Alpha Grade.”  Alpha Munitions is fully independent and self-funded.  We are committed to working with our customers to meet their specific needs, and we take pride in producing the world’s best brass right here in the United States.  Alpha Munitions…American Made.  Alpha Grade.