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Alpha is a private U.S. company committed to making the best precision rifle brass in the world.  Our leadership team consists of experienced professionals with backgrounds spanning engineering, pharmaceuticals, medical device, specialty chemicals and specialty operations.  We come from professions that are highly technical, tightly regulated, and where quality is never compromised.  We have combined our experiences to create an innovative company that strives to deliver unmatched product quality and customer service for the precision shooting community.


We manufacture all of our products in a state of the art facility in Salt Lake City, UT.  Our machines utilize the most advanced technologies available in both manufacturing and quality control.   Abandoning outdated manufacturing principles and utilizing a laboratory-based, data driven approach ensures Alpha Munitions brass is extremely consistent.  Owning this process means we can continually innovate, making better products for the precision shooting community.


We started Alpha Munitions to be different than other brass manufacturers.  Along with using the most advanced manufacturing technology in the industry, we wanted to improve the customer experience with the product.  From packaging our brass in custom reusable ammo boxes (ensuring every piece arrives free from dents), to ensuring world class dimensional consistency, while offering the highest level of customer service, we are dedicated to providing the best for the precision shooting community.

American Made Alpha Grade

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