Alpha Munitions was proud to host its first annual Alpha Munitions University Symposium (AMUS) held September 23rd-26th, 2016 at the renowned Site Firearms Training Center in Mount Carroll, IL. The event brought together leaders from the precision shooting community including attendees from Benchmark Barrels, Vortex Optics, Copper Creek Cartridge Co., Forster Products and Optics Planet. Also in attendance were members of the Special Forces community and highly accomplished competition shooters.

“Precision shooting is a complex skill bringing together the shooter, rifle, gear, and the round”, said Bob Danielson, President of Alpha Munitions. “By meeting with such a diverse group of experts we were able to learn an incredible amount that will help us better serve our customers”.

alphawebres-0035The event featured roundtable discussions in the classroom and around the campfire focused on the continuous evolution of precision shooting. “The different backgrounds and high level of expertise made for a great event” said Jim Jordan, Consumer Sales Team Leader of Vortex Optics and Precision Rifle Series competitor. That thought was seconded by Ron Sinema, Owner of Benchmark Barrels who said, “It was a unique opportunity to hear different perspectives, and then see it all come together on the range”.

alphawebres-0139Alpha Munitions used AMUS to introduce our American Made-Alpha Grade brass. Attendees had the opportunity to shoot thousands of rounds of our .260, .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor cartridges. “I was extremely impressed by the quality and performance of the Alpha Munitions brass”, said Kelly Bachand, member of the U.S.Palma team and bronze medal winner at the 2014 National Fullbore Championship at Camp Perry. “The Alpha brass looked great and shot great” said Josh Lapin, owner of Copper Creek Cartridge Company. “It’s exciting to have a U.S. company producing such high quality brass for the precision market”.

alphawebres-0219A highlight of the event was a tutorial and competition ran under the instruction and guidance of Jim Kauber, President/Director of Training at the Site and Chief Strategic Officer at Alpha Munitions. “It was a real pleasure hosting this event with such outstanding representatives of the precision shooting community”. “The skill level was top notch and congratulations to Bill Broderick from Benchmark Barrels for winning the event”.