.308 Winchester LRP (Large Rifle Primer)

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– Optimized Case Design with Optimized Case Head Technology

-100 count boxes ship in custom Alpha Munitions plastic cases with perforated bi-layer foam for protection of cases and loaded ammunition

-500 count orders ship in custom cardboard boxes with dividers.

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100, 500

7 reviews for .308 Winchester LRP (Large Rifle Primer)

  1. stephane

    Got mine a while back ,very satisfied with them and they are very very consistent in weight. Also really nice to prime.

  2. Mike

    I had heard a few good comments regarding Aplha brass so I thought I would give it a try. The order was received within a week. Very nicely packed. All brass was in perfect condition. I weighed a sampling of 25 cases to check that consistency. Those cases were within 1 grain max. So far the necks are very consistent. I will add additional info once I start shooting them. So far, very pleased.

  3. Mike

    On 12/5/17 I made the above post regarding Alpha brass. Today, 12/7/17 I loaded up 15 rounds to see what I had. I ran my normal load with this brass and was pleased with my results. My SD was 3 and ES 7. I did not do much prep as the brass is ready to go except for chamfering. I am very pleased with this brass and will be buying more. Changing the rating to 5 stars.

  4. Ernesto Gonzalez

    This brass is great and the dimensions are spot on. I am no a professional shooter nor I have an expensive rifle but my SD has been steady at 3.8 and 4.3. Great product!

  5. C.E.Burgess

    Ordered 100 some time back. Yesterday shot three 190 MatchKings into under one inch at 400 yards with a new Mauser 18 .308 with under 50 shots fired in it, using this large primered and alreay teice fired Alpaha brass. Those were the only hosts fired, those three. Shot three more this morning at 400, and they landed horizontally in about two inches. Verical spread about a quarter inch. All in a $460 dollar rifle. Will be getting more of this stuff, right soon.

  6. C.E.Burgess

    A match shooter told me to try Alpha in the 308. I did. My first three at 400 yards out of a $500 rifle with 190 MatchKings were all touching in a perfect triangle. In ancient times that would have been called a good omen I’m sure..

  7. Mike

    1/8/21 review up date. Today I shot some loads to check SD & ES numbers. Though the sampling was not large (20 rounds) ES 16 , SD 6.2. Not sure you can argue with that. Other name brand brass I have shot did not produce like Alpha has.

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