.308 Winchester

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-100 count boxes ship in custom Alpha Munitions plastic cases with perforated bi-layer foam for protection of cases and loaded ammunition

-500 count orders ship in custom cardboard boxes with dividers.

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100, 500

4 reviews for .308 Winchester

  1. stephane

    Got mine a while back ,very satisfied with them and they are very very consistent in weight. Also really nice to prime.

  2. Mike

    I had heard a few good comments regarding Aplha brass so I thought I would give it a try. The order was received within a week. Very nicely packed. All brass was in perfect condition. I weighed a sampling of 25 cases to check that consistency. Those cases were within 1 grain max. So far the necks are very consistent. I will add additional info once I start shooting them. So far, very pleased.

  3. Mike

    On 12/5/17 I made the above post regarding Alpha brass. Today, 12/7/17 I loaded up 15 rounds to see what I had. I ran my normal load with this brass and was pleased with my results. My SD was 3 and ES 7. I did not do much prep as the brass is ready to go except for chamfering. I am very pleased with this brass and will be buying more. Changing the rating to 5 stars.

  4. Ernesto Gonzalez

    This brass is great and the dimensions are spot on. I am no a professional shooter nor I have an expensive rifle but my SD has been steady at 3.8 and 4.3. Great product!

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