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Switch Or Stay

By May 17, 2019June 14th, 2019Data and Analytics


  • John says:

    Has this been done in .308. Wonder if you would see bigger or smaller difference with a slower projectile?

  • Uncle Mike says:

    Very informative Thank you.

  • Steve says:

    Great information, as I am on the fence on which route to go.

    But I will be shooting in freezing and even sub zero temperature, from what I have been told and read this is when the Large primer is needed. Is this true and tested, or just anecdotal?

    Do I need a cold weather load with large primer pockets, and a warm weather load with small pocket primers?

    • Thomas Danielson says:

      Steve, The smaller flash hole can present ignition problems in cold temperatures. We use the larger flash hole in our small primer brass for this reason. We saw better cold weather ignition with this setup.

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