6 Creedmoor SRP (Small Rifle Primer)

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– Optimized Case Design with Optimized Case Head Technology

-Primer pockets sized for small rifle primers

-100 count boxes ship in custom Alpha Munitions plastic cases with perforated bi-layer foam for protection of cases and loaded ammunition

-500 count orders ship in custom cardboard boxes with dividers.

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100, 500

5 reviews for 6 Creedmoor SRP (Small Rifle Primer)

  1. Derek

    I’ve NEVER been able to achieve single digit ES until I tried this stuff. I’m loading 105vld .005” off lands I used the 6.5 guys 10 Shot loaf development. The graph showed a flat spot at 40.7-40.9 grains H4350 for 3029 and 3027 FPS respectively. I know. It’s not as fast as most running this weight bullet. But I decided to try it. So I loaded 10 at 40.8 grains. Shot 5 over the magneto and got 3020 AVG. ES8 SD4. Awesome. Then I shot a group of 5 shots. .437”. Good enough in my book. Shot another 5 shot group next day that was about the same .. could cover both groups with a dime! I’m sold on this brass ! Thanks

  2. Dave Maher

    WOW!!! ALL I can say right now…just received my 6mm Creed brass with HAND WRITTEN THANK YOU!!! Have seen this only a few other times….Brass arrived in a awesome case and every piece was in perfect condition…so impressed I am ordering another 100 NOW just based on service…will update after I get to shoot the brass.

  3. Steve

    Perfect brass. Alpha’s reputation for quality is well documented. Their reputation for the consumer experience is also five stars. No brass jammed in bags, Alpha comes presented in a quality case and with a hand written thank you. I haven’t loaded it yet, but I have zero doubts about its performance.

  4. Jacob

    I have run this brass for over a year and in several PRS and NRL matches, I have treated the brass horrible 41gr of varget with 105 hybrids shoots like a rocket! DON’T try this load in your gun!
    But with that said brass life has been amazing! Primer pockets still hold them like new, I full-length size my brass every time and probably have 8 reloads on all of it. I have dumped Lapua and run alpha in all my comp guns now. The wife isn’t nice on her Alpha 6creed brass either only wish they made 7saum brass now.

  5. Steve

    I did some random sampling on my new brass. I weighed 20 on an electronic scale, 80% of them weighed in at 158.7 to 158.9 grains. All weighed between 158.4 to 158.9 grains.

    Neck thickness on the Mitutoyo calipers were all between 0.0130 and 0.0135.

    This is some very nice well made consistent brass.

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